Posted on Fri June 17, 2022.

Beaches in Ballito

Ballito is fortunate enough to be a very warm location during the Winter months, unlike some other parts of the country. 

Boulder Bay is perfectly situated as it is in very close proximity to several well-loved beaches, namely Granny's Pool, Clarke and Willards Beach. 

Granny's Pool is located 500m along the promenade. As you walk out the gate, turn left. Although Granny’s Pool is a tidal pool, it has been marked the spot of choice by families as the pool is safe and fun for swimming. It has a rocky and sandy section making it a real delight to explore and swim. There is a lovely atmosphere as families make the most of this beach which offers something for every member of the family.

To get to Clarke Beach, walk down the paved walkway, turn right onto the promenade & stroll for about 600m. The beach is protected by shark nets and there are lifeguards on duty to ensure your safety when you’re enjoying a swim. This beach has a tidal pool where you can observe the living sea creatures in their natural environment. 

Willards Beach is to the left of the Boulder Bay beach gate towards the end of the promenade, about 900m from Boulder Bay. It is known for being the home of the Mr Price Pro for the past five years and is Ballito's most popular beach, especially for young teenagers. 

Take a walk along the promenade and let us know which beach is your favourite! You also have the choice of several rock pools immediately below Boulder Bay. Both our apartments are equipped with beach chairs, umbrellas and kids beach toys for your convenience.